Welcome to the Percheron Horse Breeders Association of Australia Inc.

The PHBAA Committee hopes that this newly updated website will be able to provide all the information required to our existing members,
new members and supporters of the Percheron horse.

We hope you enjoy our quarterly online
newsletters, the extensive information provided
within our website and the latest show results
and photos from around Australia and abroad.

The Percheron Horse is a draught horse breed originating in France. Today the Percheron may
be found on all continents excepting the poles.

The Percheron horse is renowned for its
combination of power and grace. The breed is a direct descendant of the Flemish Great Horse
and owes its beauty in part to the Arabian,
following the Crusades.

Imported Frozen Semen

The PHBAA are pleased to announce that
imported frozen semen from two les Haras
approved stallions are now available to
our members for $350 per breeding dose.

Please see our "Frozen Semen" page for more details.

Website last updated: 23/08/2014